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Treatments for OCD

We are able to provide a number of treatments for OCD. Read about them below.

Intensive OCD treatment

Intensive treatment for OCD The following is a brief description of intensive exposure and response prevention (ERP) treatment for OCD. It covers descriptions of the model and also inclusion/ exclusion criteria. Introduction Intensive OCD treatment in the AIS Prior to 2013, a small number of Scottish patients with difficult-to-treat OCD had to travel to specialist... Continue reading

Inference-Based Therapy (IBT)

An introduction to Inference-Based Therapy (IBT) Introduction Behavioural treatment for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is traditionally based on an Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) model; an approach which is evidence-based but often under-used. Since high levels of distress can be experienced during treatment it can be difficult for the patient to fully engage and, in... Continue reading

Anterior Cingulotomy for OCD

Anterior Cingulotomy (ACING) for OCD Introduction This page provides an overview of Anterior Cingulotomy for OCD. It shares content with the 'Anterior Cingulotomy for depression' pages but provides specific information on outcomes for depression. Some of the text comes from our patient information leaflets on Cingulotomy. Description of Anterior Cingulotomy Anterior Cingulotomy (ACING) was initially... Continue reading

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