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About us

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We are a nationally-commissioned NHS specialist service based at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee, commissioned by NHS Scotland and serving the whole of Scotland. We offer specialist treatment for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and depression. Our team is small, but highly-specialised.

The current waiting time below is for Scottish patients seen in the last two years.

Average waiting time (referral to 1st appointment):
8.1 weeks

Common questions

Please see our specific referral page for detailed information (Home > Referral). We are able to accept referrals from most NHS psychiatrists as long as there is a named consultant psychiatrist overseeing the patient's care but referrals from outside of Scotland need additional funding. We can accept referrals from locums (but please see other question about locums). We are unable to accept referrals from GPs, or psychiatrists in private practice. If you are only seeing your GP, you will need to be referred to the Community Mental Health Team (CMHT) who would need to make any referral after they've seen you and tried a range of treatments. We are unable to accept self-referrals.
Yes...most of the time. We normally expect that locums who are making referrals will have seen the patient on several occasions previously and have a reasonable expectation that they will continue to provide ongoing care after assessment and implement treatment recommendations. This is to ensure that the locum is familiar with the case before making any referral. If these conditions are not met, we would advise any locum psychiatrist to get in touch with us before making a referral.
Although we are not commissioned to provide assessment and treatment of bipolar disorder, we do sometimes assess patients with bipolar disorder if: a) The pattern of symptoms is one of chronic or recurrent depression; b) The current episode is chronic depression (i.e. symptoms persisting for at least two years); and c) Guideline-based treatment for bipolar depression have been followed and the patient has not responded to treatment.
We are not commissioned to see patients with primary body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). There are no specialist services for BDD in Scotland. However, where the BDD is occurring as a symptom within comorbid OCD, or where there is significant diagnostic uncertainty we would advise the referrer to discuss the case with us prior to referral. We may be able to advise on whether referral to us is the preferred option, or if a referral to specialist BDD services in England would be recommended. Please note that any assessment and/ or treatment for BDD outwith Scotland will require funding from the referring NHS Board.
Unfortunately, no. We are an NHS service, funded by NHS Scotland, and all referrals need to come from NHS services. We would suggest having a conversation with your consultant about being referred. If you are only seeing a private psychiatrist, we would normally ask for your care to be transferred to the NHS and for them to make the referral.
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Updates and news

We've expanded the information available for clinicians regarding referral, with a downloadable checklist to make sure all the information we need is available. We've also added some guidance on referral letters to minimise any delays in the referral process.
Our 2022-23 annual report is now online. Please visit 'Home >> AIS Annual Reports' from the main menu.
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