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Inventory of Depressive Symptoms

The Inventory of Depressive Symptomatology is a 30-item, patient-reported scale for depressive symptoms.


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Please fill in the response to each item that best describes you for the past seven days.
1. Falling Asleep:
2. Sleep During the Night:
3. Waking Up Too Early:
4. Sleeping Too Much:
5. Feeling Sad:
6. Feeling Irritable:
7. Feeling Anxious or Tense:
8. Response of Your Mood to Good or Desired Events:
9. Mood in Relation to the Time of Day:
9A. Is your mood typically worse in the morning, afternoon or night? (select one)
9B. Is your mood variation attributed to the environment? (Yes or No)
10. The Quality of Your Mood:
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