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Rating scales

Rating scales Online Some of our forms can be completed online. Please see our online forms page for more information. Download We routinely use a range of rating scales for assessment, and scoring of symptoms. The ones that we commonly use (and often ask patients to complete) are listed below.    

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Treatment History Forms Obtaining an accurate and reliable history of all previous treatment(s) is a crucial part of how we work. It not only summarises the individual's past treatment, but also informs decisions about future treatment. To achieve this, we use a range of tools that we make available here. They can be updated as …

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Treatment algorithms and guidelines

Treatment algorithms In order to support and guide the treatment of depression and OCD we have developed evidence-based algorithms for treating these disorders. We have also written more detailed guidance on treating OCD which may be helpful for clinicians. You can download these documents (in PDF format) below. Our treatment algorithms are framed within recognisable …

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Resources We have a range of tools and resources available for download. These are primarily designed for clinicians, but the treatment guidelines and algorithms are hopefully helpful for patients and carers.

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