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We would like to provide some general information about the site, and how you might use information on the website.

Use of the site by healthcare professionals

The information provided here is meant as a guide rather than an operational framework for the service. Our operational framework(s) are available here. If a patient does not appear to meet specified criteria it does not necessarily mean that they are not suitable for further assessment. Please discuss it with us.

The information here cannot be exhaustive and you would always be advised to get in touch with us to discuss a possible referral or any other queries that you may have.

Use of the site by the general public

We hope that the site has been helpful. However, it should not be seen as the definitive source of information regarding either the Dundee Advanced Interventions Service, or the treatments we provide. The information should be considered up-to-date. Each page gives the date that it was last modified. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of 100% of the information, although we certainly aim for this.

We regret that we can't enter into personal correspondence with individuals regarding their treatment. Whilst we may be able to help people to ask the right questions or to facilitate referral to more specialist services, we are not in a position to offer tailored advice about your illness or your care.

You should always discuss your treatment with your psychiatrist and/ or your general practitioner (GP). You should not make any changes to your medication based on information you may have found on the internet. Nor should you make treatment decisions based solely on the information you may get from our, or anybody else's, website. Please discuss it with those people involved in your treatment.

If you have concerns about the quality of your care, you should contact the Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland (MWC) if you are in Scotland; the Mental Health Commission in Eire; or the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in England and Wales.

Copyright and use of information

All of the material (unless indicated otherwise) on this website is copyrighted and reproduction outside the conditions below is not permitted.

However, individuals and non-profit organisations are permitted to:

  • Print out personal copies of the information, either for reference, or for giving to others (such as family, or your psychiatrist).
  • Retain the information on your own computer for your own personal use.

If you wish to use any of the information provided for other purposes (such as teaching, or presentations), please contact us. There are likely to be few, or no restrictions but we like to know who is using the material. Thank you.

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