Category for articles about depression and its treatment.

Treatments for depression

Further information on treatments for depression are shown below.


Category for articles about OCD and its treatment.

Treatments for OCD

We offer a range of treatments for OCD, and treatment recommendations are tailored to individual patients, based on their symptoms, their previous treatment, and their particular circumstances.

The following pages provide more information about some of the treatments we offer.

Information about Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) treatment for OCD.

Category for articles relating to the Advanced Interventions Service.

Articles about the AIS in General. For example: details of the service, location, contact details, etc.

Staff Details for people working in the Advanced Interventions Service.

Operational frameworks

Includes operational frameworks and similar documents. An operational framework sets out our approach and the policies and processes by which we deliver care. It is regularly reviewed and updated when there is a change in evidence and/ or the environment in which the service operates.

These documents will be of greatest interest to clinicians, but it may be helpful for patients and carers to know how the care pathways are structured.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

The SLA for the service sets out the aims and objectives for the service and is agreed with commissioners (NSD) on a 1-3 year basis. It describes how the service is set up and expected levels of activity. The SLA also describes the NHS systems and medico-legal framework that the service operates in. It also establishes the reporting and financial arrangements agreed by the service.

Many SLAs may have a 'DRAFT' watermark. This is because the final (signed) SLA is typically a paper document. It is unusual for there to be major changes.

AIS Blog

The AIS blog is a place to provide information and discussion about a range of issues that are relevant to the service. It is also an opportunity to discuss relevant research, publications, and guidelines.


Category for various interventions.

Articles relating to physical treatments such as Anterior Cingulotomy, Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS), and Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS)

Articles about Anterior Cingulotomy.

Articles about psychological and behavioural treatments such as Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) and Cognitive Behavioural Analysis System of Psychotherapy (CBASP)

Patient information leaflets (PILs)

Patient information leaflets provide structured information about a specific intervention. They are designed to provide those undergoing a particular treatment a clearly-structured description about the pros and cons of treatment so that people can make an informed decision. Many of these leaflets have been developed with colleagues in London who provide neurosurgical treatment.

These leaflets should supplement (rather than replace) detailed conversations with clinicians.


Documents, Reports, Presentations, etc.


This page lists all the reports that we have submitted over the years. Most of them are the reports that we submit to National Services Division (NSD) of NHS Scotland. There are also other reports and documents related to the service.

Click on the report category to see more information and download relevant reports.

AIS annual reports

As part of our commissioning, we are required to report annually on our activity and outcomes. All of our annual reports are provided here, along with some of the six-month reports. Please note that the six-month reports are interim reports and the annual report contains all the key information about the previous year's activity.

The annual report is submitted in May of each year and covers activity in the previous year. The six-month report is submitted in October, and covers activity for the first six months of that financial year.

AIS reports (other)

Includes other reports relevant to the Advanced Interventions Service. Many of these pre-date the establishment of the National Service in 2006.

Contains various tools and assessments for clinicians (such as medication review proformas).

All of the tools are available for download and may be freely modified, copied, or distributed in the context of clinical assessments of patients. Reproduction or distribution for commercial purposes is not permitted.

Treatment histories

Obtaining an accurate and reliable history of all previous treatment(s) is a crucial part of how we work. It not only summarises the individual's past treatment, but also informs decisions about future treatment.

To achieve this, we use a range of tools that we make available here. They can be updated as more treatments are tried, and it is possible to record important features of the person's contact with services, along with information on illness episodes and admissions to hospital.

Rating scales to complete online

Several rating scales can be completed online. This means that you don't have to fill in a paper copy and post it back to us. If we have suggested that you fill it in online, we will have given you a unique ID that allows us to connect the completed form with you. This ID is unique to you, and can't be traced back. It is different to your CHI number. It should be entered into the form when you complete it.

More details about security can be found on our privacy policy, which has a specific section on completing online rating scales.


Treatment guidelines

The AIS will often develop treatment guidelines that may be useful to clinicians. These are not intented to replace those developed by NICE, SIGN, BAP, etc. but are typically practical in nature and address 'real world' clinical situations.

AIS research

Information about research projects, publications, and presentations.


Research publications

A full list of publications by the AIS and its staff. Includes book chapters, guidelines, posters, and journal articles.


Research projects

Details about research projects being undertaken by AIS staff.


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