Privacy Policy

Information recorded

Some information (such as your browser, operating system, and the pages you visit) is collected automatically by the server on which the site is hosted. This information cannot identify you personally and we do not monitor individual usage of the website.

We may collect site usage statistics to enable us to manage and develop the website. This information typically includes how many people have visited the site, what browser they use, and where they came from. We do not log users' personal information and we cannot link a particular user to how they use the site.

If you send us email regarding the service, or a possible referral, we will retain this email and file it with any clinical notes that arise out of the referral. This ensures that we have as much information as possible on individuals who may be seen by the service and so that we can track referrals.

Information Security and Governance

Please note that the email addresses and contact forms provided on the site are not secure and patient-identifiable information should not be sent. If you do send information which identifies an individual (e.g. name, address, date of birth, and even initials) you may be jeopardising patient confidentiality.

If you do wish to send such information, you may be able to do this if you have an or email account. Please contact us to get our email address before sending such information.

If you use PGP to encrypt your email, you can import David Christmas' PGP key. Please indicate that your email is encrypted with this key in the subject line of your email.


The website is built using Joomla! (a free, open source, content management system). For most people, you do not need to login to the website to access the information. If you do login to the website, a cookie will be set to ensure that you remain logged in. A single session cookie may be used to ensure that you can navigate the website and use the advanced features. Tracking cookies are not used.


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